Japanese Studies Program for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students


This is a Japanese language and culture program offered by the University of the Ryukyus for international students from various countries appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The application procedures for this scholarship students who wish to study at the University of the Ryukyus are conducted through Japanese embassies, consulates in your countries, or our university.  If you require any further information regarding Japanese Studies Program for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship, contact Japanese embassies, consulates in your countries, or us by e-mail using the contact information below.  Application fee is not charged. So please be aware that organizations or individuals who charge application fee or deposits have no relation with the Japanese Government.

2017 Japanese Studies Program Guidebook


  • Develop a better understanding of Japanese culture as a whole, as well as the unique cultures of different regions of Okinawa.
  • Acquire the ability to use Japanese at a high level, accurately comprehend readings, and understand sentence structures. Also, develop techniques and knowledge for research about Japan.
  • By studying in Okinawa, develop a multi-perspective view of Japan, and recognize that Japan does not fall into just one culture sphere.


Students eligible for the program

Number of students accepted: 14 students

 (Embassy Recommendation : 6, University Recommendation : 8)


Program Conditions

  • Applicants must enrolled in a University outside of Japan (primarily juniors or above)
  • Applicants must be majoring in a field related to Japanese language or Japanese culture
  • Applicants must have sufficient Japanese language ability, N2 JLPT and above


Schedule and Annual Events

The program begins in October and ends in September the following year.

  • Fall semester: October to February
  • Spring semester: April to August

*Follows Academic Calendar of University of the Ryukyus

Oct. Orientation,Field trip to Shuri Castle & Tamaudun
Nov. Party for international students in Okinawa, Appreciation of Kumiodori
Dec. Calligraphy experience, Visit a newspaper company
Jan. Visit a Awamori company, Speech contest of UOR
Feb. Okinawa prefectural Speech contest
Mar. Tea ceremony

Apr. Mid-term presentation
May Study tour of Broadcasting company
Jun. Peace study Field trip to old battlefields & Peace Memorial Park
Jul. International Student Festival
Aug. Paper submission, Final presentation, Closing ceremony


Offered Subjects for Japanese Studies Students

Japanese Classes offered by University Education Center

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Japanese ⅣA -2
Japanese ⅣB -2
Japanese ⅣC -2
Japanese ⅣA -1
Japanese ⅣB -1
Japanese ⅣC -1
Japanese Ⅵ
Japan Current Events II
Okinawa Current Events II
Business Japanese I
Japanese ⅢA -2
Japanese ⅢB -2
Japanese ⅢC -2
Japanese ⅢA -1
Japanese ⅢB -1
Japanese ⅢC -1
Japanese Ⅴ
Japan Current Events I
Okinawa Current Events I
Business Japanese II

Japanese Courses for Major

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Compulsory Courses -Basic SeminarⅡ
-Japanese CultureⅡ
-Japanese sentence structures and expressions
-Basic Seminar I
-Japanese Culture I
Elective Courses -Japanese SeminarⅡ
-Special study of Ryukyuan Culture Ⅱ
-International Affairs I
-Japanese Seminar I
-Special study of Ryukyuan Culture I
-International Affairs II
-Contrastive study of Japanese and other languages


Requirements for program completion

A Requirements for program completion

  1. A two semester system is used. “Fall semester” is from October to the following year March, and “Spring semester” is from April to September. Students must register for classes each semester.
  2. Students are required to take the determined amount of credits for compulsory and elective classes.
  3. From the results of the placement test, students (judged necessary) must take the appropriate number of Japanese courses in the program recommended by your academic advisor.
  4. A lecture attendance rate of 66.6% or above must be fulfilled.
  5. At the end of each semester, a passing grade for regular examinations (boarder line 60%) is required for all courses.
  6. Conduct your own research under your academic advisor and write a thesis paper in Japanese. At the end of the program in September, students must successfully submit their thesis paper and give an oral presentation.



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E-mail: arashiro at lab.u-ryukyu.ac.jp


<International Student Center>

TEL: 098-895-8112
E-mail: seikot at lab.u-ryukyu.ac.jp


Ayako OSHIRO (Ms.)
Global Education Support Office,

Student Affairs Division, University of the Ryukyus

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