Mental Health Counseling Support

*The content of this page is included in the Guidebook for International Students.

Consultation Room

During your stay in Japan, you may encounter difficulties because of differences in language, culture, customs and so on. You may also need time to adjust to life in an unfamiliar environment and may experience homesickness or culture shock. Counseling and consultation services are available for international students studying on our campus. If you need any help regarding your academic or everyday life or wish to talk to someone about your problems, please feel free to visit the Consultation Room.


◆Counseling1 (sessions can be held in Japanese or English.)
An intercultural mental health counselor is at hand to assist in concerns of any kind, be it studies, daily life or inter-personal relationships (Online Service – Skype, Telephone Consultation Available).
[Hours] Fridays 15:00 – 17:00
[Place] International House (1st floor)
[International Student Counselor ] Rira Miyagi
[Contact] Global Education Section

TEL:(098) 895-8103
E-mail :

You may also wish to speak with the counselor at the Health Administration Center (On appointment casis). Prior appointment can be made directly at the Health Administration Center or by phone.
[Hours & Clinical psychotherapist] See Health Administration Center’s HP
[Place] Health Administration Center (next to the Gymnasium #1)
[Contact] TEL:(098)895-8144

Consultation Regarding Your Studies and Life in Japan

We provide consultation services concerning your studies, classes and daily life in Japan (Sessions can be held in Japanese or English).

◆Academic Concerns and Higher Learning
[Hours] Tuesdays 16:00-17:00, Wednesdays 15:00-17:00
[Place] Global Education Center 2F Rm.208
[Name] Kayoko Sasaki (Assistant Professor, Global Education Center)
[Contact] TEL:(098)895-8113

*You may consult A.P. Sasaki through email. Direct consultation sessions can be held in Japanese, English or Chinese.

◆Academic Concerns and Higher Learning

Each faculty also has advisors for international students. Please feel free to talk to any of the staff members if you require any assistancce. If you have any other questions or require any assistance outside of the consultation hours listed by each advisor, please contact us on the below phone number.

[Contact]  Global Education Section (Global Education Center 1F)


Counseling for Harassment

Harassment counseling offices have been established at every faculty. In addition, the university also has a main Harassment Counseling Office that overseas all faculty-level harassment counseling operations. (The university has also set up an off-campus counseling service for victims of harassment.) In order to lead a stress -free and truly enjoyable student life, quick resolution of harassment issues is crucial. If you know of any classmates or friends who may be facing harassment, do tell them about the counseling services vailable on campus. Speaking to someone about the problems you are facing is important, and the complete privacy of all individuals and counseling content is guaranteed.

◆Global Education Center Counselor

Kayoko Sasaki
TEL : (098)895-8113

◆International Affairs Section, consultation staff

Kaori Kinjo
TEL : (098)895-8979

◆On-Campus Harassment Advisors

You may approach any advisor regardless of your faculty/department.

On-Campus Harassment Counseling Center

◆Off-Campus Harassment Counseling Service

Off-Campus Harassment Counseling Service